Stupid Dreams

Journey in the wrath of time,


engulfed the clouds of swiftness passing by.

All things too fast or too slow, wasted lives and wasted souls.

Cruising through worlds others would never know, lost minds on vivid thrones.


Swinging bones and shaky souls, travelling paths of dark untones.

surreal-photo-manipulations-omerika-1Stop! Take a breath! Sit a while!

Lost in world of one’s own with dreamy eyes.


“Hear that sound?” The tick ,the tock.

The wind ruffles the noise afar.


“Watch there goes time”!

Blasting seconds of lightened tones.

Ahaa Stupid dreams ,still reaked of hope.

Bro with the BROken camera.




You know its funny knowing how much a dark box working its way with light can do and also funny knowing things it cannot do.

Funny how seeing things makes you more aware and present and also funny how not seeing things would make you lost and vulnerable but all the more blind.

Blind to things we ought to see, blind to things we ought not have seen.

Let us talk about blindness sometime later, TODAY this blog post is about me who I’d like to call bro (no silly references or associations in that regard )and my dear broken camera.(Sobbing out loud! If that’s a thing!)

Its sad how lonely and desolate I have become since  my camera broke down about 6 months back in a terrible accident. I know it was terrible because I was there, filming the emerald waters of the Arabian gulf when my camera went down into the salt water ocean taking its last breath as i watched the wave engulfing all my pretty memories with this lad.

But I instinctively and immediately came to its rescue and made efforts to resurrect the lad back to life. That was the most dreadful day in my life!

As i cried my way back to the hotel as any devastated tourist who was spending her last day in Dubai without a Click buddy would.

That night his ill body was taken on a flight back to india , a nation he was tolerant enough to bear. While i watched over Dubai and its night sky from atop the window of the airplane wishing with capture  every inch of the town from that height above. But could i?

Coming back home the camera stayed in a coma for about 6 days in a hot bulb box as I googled ever way to keep it breathing and that rice sack everyone said would absorb the water-borne disease from its body. But in vain!

It had to be taken to the doctor and master of resurrection.

Who on earth gets into the ocean without a life jacket wrapped around the camera.

WORD OF CAUTION: No life guards on duty!

Talking about my broken camera , the doctor declared an organ replacement operation at heavy costs and also not thereafter guaranteeing its survival.

As its sole caretaker, I declared a truce with the doc to bring it back from the dead.

The camera was diagnosed with a damaged flash plate ,  waterborne motherboard and a corroded sensor.

After being on medication for about a week the camera came back to life but with a disease.

Today it sees as much but less than it could ,and troubles me with tantrums every now and then, keeping me on edge, as it can take its last breath at any tick and click.

That is exactly how I became the bro with the broken camera.